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Pizza Trays

Aussie Pizza Supplies stocks the largest range of Pizza Trays available to buy online.

We carry 3 types of Pizza trays:

Aluminium Pizza Trays

Black Steel Pizza Trays

Aluminised Steel Pizza Trays


But now which type of Pizza Tray  is right for you???

Aluminium Pizza Trays

Aluminium Pizza Trays are an all purpose tray suitable for Commercial Restaurants and domestic household usage.

The Aussie Pizza Supplies Aluminium Pizza Trays will not rust and are suitable for storing dough in the fridge or coolroom.

As the Aluminium Pizza Trays are used they may blacken over time. This will only enhance and improve the quality of the bake.

Aluminium is not ideal for use in woodfired or stone deck ovens due to the high temperatures of these ovens.

Aluminium is a great choice for conveyor ovens and general household domestic use


Black Steel Pizza Trays

The Aussie Pizza Supplies Black Steel Pizza trays are a heavy guage mild steel tray blackened over a burner. There is absolutely NO nonstick coatings- simply steel and heat combining to provide a great even tray to cook on.

The Black Steel Pizza trays will attract and hold heat and often deliver a realy well baked crust.

Once oiled and seasoned correctly they will require very little ongoing maintenance.

Not suitable for storing pastry in the fridge.

Black steel is perfect for high temperature cooking like deck or woodfired ovens


Aluminised Steel Pizza Trays

Our Aluminised Steel Pizza Trays offer all the benefits of the 2 types of trays above.

An Aluminised Steel Pizza Tray is essentially a Black Steel Pizza Tray with an Aluminium coating.

This means you get all of the properties of a Black Steel Pizza Tray with the Non rust properties of the Aluminium Pizza Tray

Aluminised steel is perfect for high temperature cooking like deck or woodfired ovens


Please Note: All tray sizes are measured rim to rim across the diameter