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Black Steel Pizza Trays

There's a lot of confusion in the market place as to what black steel pizza trays are. The simple answer is that they are pizza trays made from steel which are then blackened by a method of oiling and heating. These are not the same as the domestic pizza trays that are coated in teflon or other hard materials.

Sometimes they can be referred to as blue steel because the resultant colour of the process of blackening can have a blue-ish tone. However, pizza trays that are marketed as blue steel can be aluminium or steel trays with a non-stick coat. This should be checked with the place of purchase.

So the best way to ensure you are getting the genuine product is to buy black steel pizza trays. These trays are solid steel which have a large thermal mass, causing them to retain heat longer. This is what gives you a crispier crust.

As with all steel products, these black steel pizza trays require proper oiling or seasoning to prevent rusting and should never be dishwashered, left to sit wet or stored in the refrigerator. If you are not confident with seasoning your trays please do some research. There are numerous resources on the web for seasoning steel trays. If you don't feel that you or your staff have the time to  keep the trays seasoned then please look at our aluminised steel range. Aluminised steel offers the best of cooking with steel, but with the rust protection of an aluminised surface that can withstand the temps of pizza ovens. Black steel trays that are not properly cared for WILL rust and we are unable to offer a refund or swap on products that you have not cared for.