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Aussie Pizza Supplies stocks the best warewashing brands available.

All State Governments have in place regulations and guidelines for the ideal cleaning and sanitising practices for food businesses in Australia. These standards apply to fixtures, fittings and equipment with a particluar emphasis on utensils and food equipment used to prepare, cook and store food. These need to be cleaned and sanitised before each use and when changing between food types ie. using a knife to cut raw meat and vegetables. You'll also need to clean and sanitise utensils or equipment that has been used continuously over a period of time to prepare, process or serve the same food. For example, using tongs during service to serve cheese from a food pan.

Our dishwashing range makes it so much easier to adhere to these standards and can help improve your compliance. We supply undercounter glasswashers and dishwashers as well as pass through hood type machines for high productivity. We can help you to find the best machine to suit your requirements. Many of our models are self-install, allowing you to connect to existing services quickly and easily. And we also offer an install service making your new dishwasher purchase smoother than ever.

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