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Commercial Pizza Dough Recipe and How to

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So we get asked all the time...

How do you make pizza dough?

Is there a secret to making dough?

Is making pizza dough hard?

The answer is No. Pizza dough is not hard to make. It is one of things where its not hard to do, but it is tricky to master.

Here is a recipe for a commercial batch using a 12kg bag of flour.


12 kg of plain flour (use any type of baking or protein enriched if you like)

7 litres of water

90 grams of yeast ( dry instant in this case)

240 grams of Salt

90 mls Canola or Vegetable oil


Place 6kg of Flour, all the yeast, salt and 6 Litres of water into your Pizza Industries 25kg Mixer and start mixing.

Set the timer for 10 mins.

Once finished combining, rest this mixture for 10 minutes in the mixer.

Now add the remainder of the flour and water and now add the oil.

Develop your dough for another 8-10 minutes. Check the dough as it combines by pressing the dough between your thumb and forefinger. If the dough doesn't tear it is ready. This may take longer depending on the temperature and humidity.

Divide your dough into desired size dough balls. For this recipe we are dividing into 200gram balls. Round the dough portions into tennis shaped balls by hand by tucking the tops into the bottom or if you are a busy shop, perhaps a dough ball rounder may be a good investment.

Once rounded, place each ball into a dough ball tray. You should be able to fit about 16-20 of these balls into a dough ball tray. Remember to brush the tops and sides with a little oil to prevent crusting.

Allow to prove. At least 1-2 hrs at room temperature or overnight in a fridge or coolroom.

This is where your dough will develop its flavour and texture.

Once you are ready to start making pizza's, remove as much dough as needed from the cool room and allow it to come back to room temp. Dip a dough ball into some flour then put it through the Pizza Industries Dough Roller Machine. Place it into the top roller then gently turn it 90 degrees and feed it into the lower roller. Now place on your pizza tray.

Allow the base to prove up a little on the tray (about 10 mins) before topping and cooking.

I would recommend cooking your pizzas as follows:

Middleby Marshall Wow Ovens: 275 Degrees for 4 and a half minute

Middleby Standard Ovens: 265 degrees for 7 minutes

Lincoln and XLT Ovens: 280 Degrees for 7 minutes