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Used & Secondhand Equipment



We're often asked if we have any used or second hand equipment available. And the answer is yes, we do! We have a great range of used, ex-rental, clearance and demonstrator units at fantastic prices. Most second hand/used equipment is cleaned, refurbished and supplied with a 3 month warranty.

So how can you find out about our available stock?

The most efficient way to get a second hand unit is to give us a call on 1300 733 839 and let us know what you're after. We may just have it in stock or know when we'll be getting one in. If we can't help you straight away, we'll put you on a wait list for that item. When we know that we have a particular unit coming in for refurbishment, we contact each customer who is waiting for that unit in the order in which they have been waiting, until the item is sold.  If the item is not sold through our wait list, it is then added to our used equipment stock lists which are distributed to our customer/newsletter databases. If you're not currently receiving our newsletter you can sign up for it on the homepage. Occassionally we'll list the items on our website and external sites such as gumtree and ebay.

Our stock lists are constantly changing and used equipment doesn't hang around for long, so give us a call today on 1300 733 839 and let us know what you're after.